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How George Soros Became a Preferred Target of the Right

For a period of over 20 years, George Soros, has become a preferred target of some of the most despicable conspiracy theories. The prominent 86-year-old billionaire has become the subject of a Rorschach test. To people on the left, he is a wealthy guy supporting causes that liberals trust. However, some on the right view him as more nefarious and sinister without any evidence. For over two decades, there are quarters that have viewed Soros as a puppet master who has been controlling global politics and economy secretly.

Why is George Soros Targeted?

George Soros has at times wielded a lot of power like in the 1990s when he bet against the British pound that saw the Bank of England break overnight, earning him over a billion dollars in the process. He later on took similar steps in the Asian Financial Crisis. A lot of people saw him as a man who capitalizes on catastrophes. The prime minister of Malaysia went ahead and accused him of devaluing the country’s currency by over 15%. Soros has from then on become a target for the conspiracy theories from the right-wing as he has few acquaintances on the left. According to a University of Miami’s political-science professor, Joe Uscinski, the issue of Soros being a target is due to the fact that most conspiracy theories originate from the right-wing targeting the rich people on the left.

Conspiracy Theories Linked to George Soros

George Soros attracted attention when he publicly opposed the marching of American troops to war in Iraq. He donates money to various organizations that support democratic reforms in both the US and worldwide. However, a few people view this as his schemes of secretive plots. He was linked to having paid protesters during the March for Science and Women’s March. Soros is accused of being in cahoots with elite groups and individuals in the world with an aim of bringing down the global currency. Soros has openly criticized the Republicans like President Trump and this makes him different from the mega-rich Americans on the right-wing like Charles and David Koch, who are more conservative. The Open Society Foundations that is linked with George Soros denies that he is involved in any secrecy or schemes asserting that he is committed towards the attainment of social justice. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is among the world’s renowned philanthropists. He has donated more than $12 billion up to now. The funds have supported societies and people across the world who are fighting for intelligibility, free will, responsible governments as well as societies that uphold equality and justice. The funding is targeted to people who are staring at discrimination for simply being who they are.

Soros has funded groups such as Roma people in Europe and others who are discriminated by the rest of the society like LGBTI persons, drug addicts and sex workers. He experienced discrimination firsthand in his native country Hungary where the Jews were being persecuted. His family escaped using falsified papers and helped others too. In 1956, he entered the US and made a name for himself in the finance and investments world. Visit this site to know more at

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