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Whitney Wolfe Builds An App For Kindness As Well As Dating

One thing that people can expect from Whitney Wolfe is kindness. She has a lot of that to offer people who have gone through some hard circumstances. Whitney Wolfe, herself has gone through some hard times with certain people. Fortunately, she has a good support system that has helped her through. She has then thought about the people who are going through just as bad as she is at a younger age and without the support system. Therefore, she is working to put together something that could help get these people the support that they need when they go through things with people.

One app she has created is called Bumble. This definitely makes the dating game easier because in her kindness, Whitney Wolfe has wanted things to be a little easier for women and men. After all, dating and relationships are a really good thing to have in life. While some people can adjust without it, there are those that are feeling the pain of loneliness. Whitney Wolfe definitely wants to make sure that she is able to provide comfort in some form or fashion for people who feel totally alone in the world.

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Whitney Wolfe definitely cares for the individual. She is a warm-hearted and caring person. She uses this as motivation to build apps that will serve the deepest needs of the individual. In the end, most people need someone to connect with so that they can share experiences with one another. This is one of the best ways to overcome any struggles that they are faced with. Whitney Wolfe was able to overcome her struggles with the support system she had. Therefore, she wants to offer others a similar type of support system that will help them get through any rough stretches where they feel that they are alone in their struggles.


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