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Wen To Give Up Traditional Shampoo And Try A Conditioning Cleanse

Wen by Chaz was the first of its kind. Wen is a cleansing conditioner. To many this might sound confusing. To understand a cleansing conditioner one must understand shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo contains detergents that wash your hair. These detergents are good for removing oils and build up from styling products, however, they are not necessary on a daily basis. Most people could get by with only washing with true shampoo once a week. Cleansing conditioner are conditioners that contain mild cleaning agents. Ethyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol are the primary cleansing agents added to cleansing conditioners. Cleansing conditioners such as Wen do not contain sulfates, chemicals or detergents.

Wen hair care and other cleansing conditioners are typically idea for thick to super thick hair as well as curly hair. These hair types benefit from the natural oils that are left in the hair. These natural oils can help combat frizz. Wen cleansing conditioner will allow a person with this type of hair to wash their hair but not rid it of these important oils. The key to using Wen and other cleansing conditioners is to follow the instructions. You will be advised to fully saturate your hair, this can take up to 8 pumps or even more if you have course or longer hair. Do not rush through the directions. Let the product sit on your hair for the required time to see optimal results.

Wen will not lather. This can be the biggest struggle for people who just switch over. Do not worry, though there is no lather, your hair is getting clean. After one wash and dry customers will notice how clean and healthy their hair is and not miss the lather. The ingredients listed in Wen are glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and panthenol. It is marketed to be safe for men, women and children but as with any product, if you have questions or concerns discuss the ingredients with your health care provider. Wen offers a sixty day money back (except for s/h) guarantee if customers aren’t happy with the product.

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