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Bruce Levenson Do Good Institute is at the pinnacle of Higher Education

About Bruce Levenson

Philanthropist Bruce Levenson formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team before selling the team to the Philips Arena. According to, after selling out the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, Bruce Levenson invested into the Do Good Institute in Maryland University. He is a Board Director and a member of IT industry media company TechTarget.

In a statement on, Bruce Levenson pointed to many great and in good work that his charitable program at Maryland University had achieved so far. Levenson also said that with the emergence of alternative education, Do Good Initiative was presenting the unique value and reshape higher education programs that will transform the entire education landscape. Do Good Institute wishes to create an example from which other Institutions can base foundation.

With a unique higher education initiative, the Do Good Institute has the aim of getting many undergraduate students at the Maryland University and teach them volunteering and non-profit. Do Good wishes to develop new business, non-profit leaders able to achieve business competency in an ever competitive business world.

The Do Good Institute has the most liberal and learning work atmosphere where learners are presented with charitable donations to advance their search for future careers. The program has seen an incredible response, with the ever first Philanthropy 101 class consisting of many students given ten thousand dollars to decide their careers.

Do Good Institute aim is to change the campus into the most motivated and liberal graduate school. Do Good program has already achieved much success in developing new non-profit entrepreneurs. Ben Simon was the former student of the program and has recently founded FRN (Food Recovery Network) and also operates a major waste-prevention crusade at the campus. Bruce claimed that the emergence of online learning, the University has sought out for other alternatives business models to give learning a real reason for existing.

Meriwether Group’s Future Impact

Sawyer Howitt is the son of David Howitt who founded the Meriwether Group. David and his wife Heather have two children: Sawyer and his sister Hailey. The Meriwether Group helps businesses to start and grow by funding them with equity or debt and giving them strategy.

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The Meriwether Group is a team of 12 entrepreneur-minded people and are excited to continue helping other entrepreneurs succeed. They believe the future entrepreneurs will have the biggest impact on our society with the products and services they provide.

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