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Squaw Valley Holdings Restores Upgraded Water System

In November of 2016 the Squaw Valley resorts upgraded their water handling and distribution system to the Gold Coast and High Valley facilities. This undertaking was to help ensure that the distribution and quality of water to the resorts would be of the highest order and environmentally safe from any and all contaminants.


As fate would have it almost ten inches of rain fell in the resort area. That coupled with the fact that the construction of the upgrade had just completed there were some anomalies in the quality of the water. In a statement by Squaw Valley Public Service District General Manager Mike Geary, “Given that Squaw Valley Resort recently completed construction of their updated water supply and distribution systems and subsequently received significantly above average rainfall, these results are not surprising.”


In order to facilitate the continued use of the resorts as well as to ensure the safety of their clientele Squaw Valley worked very closely with Placer County Environmental Health to formulate a plan of action that would satisfy all parties as well as the facility residents. This plan included using only packaged foods as well as bottled water for all of the residents. This plan was of course immediately implemented in the affected resorts.


As of now the Squaw Valley Resorts have continued to feverishly work toward a solution to restore the water to its previous pristine quality that it has offered its skiers in the past. There are four wells that service the Gold Coast and High Valley facilities and three of them have now tested with zero E. Coli. In addition, the coliform in all four wells are well below the previous findings and will continue to improve with the concerted efforts of Squaw Valley and the Placer County Department of Public Health. Soon the water will be returned to its natural healthy quality and the upgraded system will be in full swing to bring pure clean drinking water to all of the residents in the Gold Coast and High Valley resort facilities.


In the final analysis, each and every business owner must contend with some sort of natural anomaly. It is part of doing business. It is the actions of the business that mark the character and professionalism when dealing with these challenges. Squaw Valley Resorts, as well as the Placer County Department of Public Health worked in union to solve a situation that could have snow balled into something that neither wanted. Instead they cleared the slopes and made a tenuous situation redeemable. Our hats off to both of these fine institutions.

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