Jeremy Goldstein Spells out the Reasons why a Knockout Strategy is still a Viable Option for Employers and Employees

Employers and indeed many organizations are giving up on issuing stock options to employees as benefits. The main reason for this is to save on expenditure. But according to Jeremy Goldstein, who is a renowned business lawyer, there could be other reasons for the change in compensation strategy preferred. Employers do not see the need for the options as a drop in stock price, and value means employees lose the options. Another reason is to save employees and employers from enormous accounting burdens.


Jeremy believes options can help the organization as the options tend to encourage employees to double their efforts and make sure the firm’s share value does not drop below a given limit. Consequently, this contributes to the organization’s success. This strategy saves money for the employee as it is tax-free. Jeremy Goldstein recommends the knockout strategy, which is a barrier option that ensures employees do not automatically. The knockout strategy when used with stock options helps solve many difficulties people face when they use stock-based designs to give benefits to employees.


When organizations need legal counsel on any compensation problem, they consult Jeremy Goldstein for a fee to help them. Mr. Goldstein has spent the last 15 years in the industry and currently plies his trade with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates where he is a partner. He is also the founder of the firm that began operations in 2014. He got his education at Cornell University and graduated with a degree in Art History. He then proceeded to the University of Chicago where he furthered his studies. Jeremy Goldstein also schooled at the Law School at New York University.


Jeremy Goldstein’s career has seen him be at the forefront of various transactions involving several high-profile organizations. His involvement in the transaction including UTC and Goodrich particularly caught the attention of many. Jeremy Goldstein is a Voluntary Director at Fountain House.


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