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Bob Reina Is Out To Do Something Life Altering

When it comes to Bob Reina, he has always had big goals and big aspirations. That is something to truly respect and admire about the man. He believes in the motto “Go Big Or Go Home.” He is not going home. He is staying right where he is, and that is the Bob Reina way. He is a philanthropist that is giving back at each and every turn. He believes there is enough to go around for everyone, and he wants to give back to those in need. As of this writing, Talk Fusion is offering 30-day free trials to new customers that have not had the pleasure of using Talk Fusion and all of its state-of-the-art voice and data applications.


Another thing that is spectacular about Bob Reina is that he likes to instill this type of thinking into his employees as well. They also have the ability to give Talk Fusion to one of their favorite charities. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina are all about giving, and the more that people give in this world, the more they get back. Although, Bob Reina is not looking to get anything back. He is just happy knowing that people are having success with their business because of Talk Fusion. That is good enough for him and good enough for the company. Of course, they want to make money, which they are doing very well with, but they also look at the bigger picture of life.Learn more :


Another great example of this is when Bob Reina gave an earth-shattering donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also cares about animals and loves them. Bob Reina loves all living things and wants to be able to do as much as he can to leave his imprint on the world and his imprint on society. That is what matters to him and that is what gets him up in the morning, inspires him, and gets his juices flowing as a CEO and founder. It is hard not to get excited just reading about Bob Reina and what he is doing. It inspires others to do the same.Learn more :



Eric Lefkosfky: Tempus Founder

Eric Lefkofsky is CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a leading technological operating system designed toohelp fight cancer. He is also the leading founder or co-founder of such companies as; Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace, Echo Global Logistics, and Inner Workings. He has also founded Lightbank, Mediaocean, and also Uptake Technologies a leading predictive analytics platform that is used in some of the worlds largest industries.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and obtained his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and has authored a book entitled Accelerated Disruption.

He serves as a trustee of Lurie Children’s hospital of Chicago and is also chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. In 2006 Eric established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife Liz. The private charitable foundation was founded to advance high-impact initiatives to improve lives in the communities it serves.

His startup Tempus a Chicago based firm founded in 2015, announced Thursday that they would be partnering with the University of Chicago Medicine (UChicago). The purpose of this partnership is to provide molecular sequencing and analysis to be available to UChicago breast cancer specialists with the goal of making breast cancer treatments as individualized and suited to each individual patient. Breast Cancer is the highest occurring cancer with very little accessible data and learn more about Eric.

Tempus will analyze data to map out genomes from about a 1,000 patients to help predict patterns in breast cancer and obviously the correlation between the two. The data will be used as a tool for doctors to provide the most educated effective procedure to treat each individual patient. This tool will also give a better idea of how the patient will respond to their method of treatment. Dr. OlufunmilayoOlopade professor of medicine and human genetics and dean for global health at the University of Chicago says, “We are excited to partner with Tempus on this initiative and eager to support its efforts to build the largest clinically annotated molecular data set in breast cancer” and more information click here.

Mike Baur Helps Entrepreneurs Reach Their Maximum Potential

Mike Baur, founder of Swiss Startup Factory, has been able to help a lot of small businesses flourish. He has been right there for entrepreneurs that are looking for a chance to maximize their return on what they put into their business.

He knows a lot about business because he has worked in the banking industry for decades, and he knows what it takes for entrepreneurs to get the capital they need to fund their businesses. What he has done with his company is create a program where entrepreneurs can actually learn more about what it takes for their businesses to thrive. He has brought forth a number of opportunities for investors to brainstorm on ideas to get from one another.

Mike has also been able to bring forth the consultants that know about the business world and relay the information about what they know in sales forecasting, Inventory management and marketing. These are areas that entrepreneurs cannot overlook when it comes to building a business, yet many entrepreneurs will go into business opportunities blindsided. They may have a great idea, but their lack of inventory management may kill their opportunities for success.

They may have the ability to create a good product or service, but they may not have any idea about how they should market what they are trying to sell. Ultimately a business is only going to be as good as the structure of the business plan. Baur is the person that helps people realize this. He is the one that brings consultants forth that can change the outlook of any business because he has people that know how businesses grow. Many people assume that they can have a hot product that will be an overnight success, but it really works this way. What Mike has been able to do is help people create the opportunities that they need in order to make their businesses thrive.

Mike Baur has been able to do such an amazing job with the Swiss Startup Factory because he has other business partners that have a passion for growing businesses. In many instances there a business ventures that do not always lead to success. With the Swiss Startup Factory people have the chance to build better businesses quickly. They have access to a wide range of opportunities to connect with others that are building businesses and learn about ways to raise capital.

Larry King Will Guide you Through the Complicated Transactions in Investing in Gold by Moderating a New Television Direct Response for the US Money Reserve

A show titled 2016 Gold Summit is a sensational direct response television (DRTV) program that was launched by the US Money Reserve. It featured the legendary live television icon, Larry King, and Michael Regan, the first-born of Former US President, Ronald Regan. It is on record that the former president, Ronald; championed a cause to justify the right of every American citizen to own gold.

According to Glassdoor, established in 2001, the US Money Reserve is among the leading private distributors of foreign, and the U.S. government’s issued silver, gold, and platinum legal tender products.

The U.S. money reserve has a team of highly skilled numismatic and research experts, furnished with exceptional market skills about finding products offering the highest potentials for profits for buyers of precious metals at all stages.

By aiming to give superior services to all customers, the organization makes every effort to excel above the industry standards with a view to cementing long-term partnerships with every individual client.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the Reserve assists tens of thousands of customers from across the whole country to use the U.S. gold, and other tangible precious metals like silver and gold coins to diversify their investment portfolios. It is rated AAA by the prestigious Business Consumer Alliance, and it also has a different reputation of being the only organization of its kind in the world headed by a retired Mint Director in the USA – Mr. Philip N. Diehl.

Lasting for half an hour, the premier show other than featuring Michael and Larry also presents three panelists from the U.S. Money Reserve who give the valuable opinion about the volatility in the contemporary financial market, and the imperative need to own gold issued by the government.

The trio also knowledgeably discuss es how recent international events are affecting the bull market of gold, and the purchasing power of the dollar. The other three highly reliable sources in the panel were Brad Castillo, the former Vice President of Sales at U.S. Money Reserve, the Master Numismatist, John Rothans, and the President of U.S. Money Reserve and Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), Philip Diehl.

The CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, Angela “Angie” Koch, said it was an honor to have Larry King to host the show because they discussed crucial issues related to marketing precious metals. The link between Larry, Michael, and the Reserve made the appropriate and unique program possible.

John Goullet has Made IT Staffing the Focus Of His Career

Entrepreneur John Goullet is currently principal of DIVERSANT, LLC, an IT staff augmentation firm. After graduating from Ursinus College, Goullet started with Computer Sciences Corporation in Lyndhurst, New Jersey before moving on to a position in the Constell Group. Additionally, working at 3d Information Services and Tsr Consultants gave Goullet a comprehensive background in IT staffing from both as a consultant and working for staffing firms and read full article.

With his experience, Goullet decided to open his own staff augmentation firm called Info Technologies, which served Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Info Technologies grew rapidly, however, Goullet reached a point in 2010 where he could not take the company any further. At this point, Goullet decided to merge his company with his friend Gene Waddy’s IT staffing company, creating a new company, DIVERSANT, LLC.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, John Goullet mentioned that he makes it a point to keep up with the labor market, especially where it concerns technology professionals. A shortage of men and women with a particular skill set represents an opportunity for DIVERSANT, if they are able to find the candidates to fill the empty positions in their client’s organizations and learn more about John.

Goullet explained Info Technologies and DIVERSANT’s success depends on having the best people as sales associates to drum up new business. Goullet’s tip was to empower experienced sales associates and at the same time hold them accountable. Training and mentoring are important, according to Goullet, who said that if he has a chance to correct a past mistake, he would invest more money in training.

Norman Pattiz And Tom Webster Announce Results Of Podcast Advertising Study


Norman Pattiz is the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, the leading provider of podcasts in the world. He commissioned a study on the effectiveness of podcast advertising that was carried out by Edison Research. Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, who is the VP of Strategy for Edison Research, recently announced the findings of the study. The results showed that advertising on podcasts is a very effective way to engage customers, increase brand awareness, increase the favorability of the advertised product, and increase consumers willingness to buy it.

The study used five products and services, some of which are well-known brands and others that are trying to gain exposure and name recognition. The study looked at consumers awareness and opinion both before and after the study was completed. Each brand was advertised for 4-6 weeks on a podcast. Among the main findings, one financial services product went up in awareness by 47% while a lawn and garden product went up 24%. Also, for an automobile aftermarket product, only 18% of consumers in the study said they had a favorable opinion of it which increased to 33% after the advertising campaign was over.

When announcing the results, Norman Pattiz said that he wanted to get an independent measure of how effective podcast advertising is. He said the study affirmed his company’s approach to advertising and how they measure advertising analytics. Tom Webster said that the results of the study clearly show that advertising on podcasts is a very effective way of communicating about a product or service.

Norman Pattiz is one of the biggest giants in the media industry. He founded Westwood One in the late 70’s which he swiftly grew into a company with radio syndication heard across the United States. His leadership saw the firm become the country’s largest provider of sports, news, talk, traffic, and entertainment programming. He is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group which was launched a few years before PodcastOne.

As one of the industry’s most influential leaders, Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also honored by the Library of American Broadcasting who gave him a Giants of Broadcasting Award. In his private life, he is married to Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz and lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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Bruce Levenson Do Good Institute is at the pinnacle of Higher Education

About Bruce Levenson

Philanthropist Bruce Levenson formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team before selling the team to the Philips Arena. According to, after selling out the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, Bruce Levenson invested into the Do Good Institute in Maryland University. He is a Board Director and a member of IT industry media company TechTarget.

In a statement on, Bruce Levenson pointed to many great and in good work that his charitable program at Maryland University had achieved so far. Levenson also said that with the emergence of alternative education, Do Good Initiative was presenting the unique value and reshape higher education programs that will transform the entire education landscape. Do Good Institute wishes to create an example from which other Institutions can base foundation.

With a unique higher education initiative, the Do Good Institute has the aim of getting many undergraduate students at the Maryland University and teach them volunteering and non-profit. Do Good wishes to develop new business, non-profit leaders able to achieve business competency in an ever competitive business world.

The Do Good Institute has the most liberal and learning work atmosphere where learners are presented with charitable donations to advance their search for future careers. The program has seen an incredible response, with the ever first Philanthropy 101 class consisting of many students given ten thousand dollars to decide their careers.

Do Good Institute aim is to change the campus into the most motivated and liberal graduate school. Do Good program has already achieved much success in developing new non-profit entrepreneurs. Ben Simon was the former student of the program and has recently founded FRN (Food Recovery Network) and also operates a major waste-prevention crusade at the campus. Bruce claimed that the emergence of online learning, the University has sought out for other alternatives business models to give learning a real reason for existing.

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